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Mantra kalacakra

haṃ kṣaḥ ma la va ra ya [pronounced: ham ksha ma la wa ra ya]. The ten letters of the root mantra of Kalachakra are: h; kṣ; m; l; v; r; y. The Mighty Ten Stacked Syllables of Kalachakra mantra is Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha. This stacked syllabled mantra has become the symbol of. Kalachakra mantra is dedicated to both individual and world peace and physical balance. It is a way of planting a seed and the seed will have.

In the following the main mantra of Kalachakra will be explained. The mantra is as follows: OM AH HUM HOH HAM KSHAH MA LA VA RA YA HUM PHET. A Buddhist discussion forum on Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.. Kalachakra mantra pronunciation. The Kalachakra is a term used in Vajrayana Buddhism that means wheel of time or "time-cycles". "Kālacakra" is one of many tantric teachings and esoteric.