Podbot for cs 1.3 download

Podbot for cs 1.3

Groups: Counter Strike: Files. With POD-BOT you can play singleplayer mode vs players controled by the computer. (You can make a specific bots choose personnality,skin,weapon mode and more). They work with Podbot , YAPB, IvPBot, E[Pod]bot etc. Counter Strike Unlimited Edition Free Download. Counter Strike Free. Download PodBot now from the world's largest gaming download site, FilePlanet! A great bot meant for use with the Counter-Strike Mod.

Pod Bot For Cs Download Rating: 5,0/5 votes. Description: The Bots You are downloading here, apart from being the best existing bots for Counter. UPDATED: E[POD]bot is now ported to metamod-p api (walioelectronic.com). .. follows a bot is killed (applies since CS ) - this can be turned off in podbot. Full Package of Podbot mm contains: Configs Waypoints pbmm_v3 Docs Bots Chats dll, iso, amdso. Compatible with CS , CS and Condition Zero .

A Counter-Strike (CS) Tutorial in the Installation category, by KleinMarquez. Click "Podbot mm Full Pack V3B22"; Click "Download" again; Scroll down. A Counter-Strike (CS) Modding Tool in the Other/Misc category, submitted by CoCoNUT. The original Podbot by Count Floyd for CS For botplay. Podbot (Win) by Count Floyd for CS ยท walioelectronic.com | MB Podbot- Waypoints for standard-maps (CS +) L33t bot - version Download.