Taito chase hq nes download

Taito chase hq nes

Game information, description, and download page for Taito Chase H.Q. (Japan) ROM for Nintendo Entertainment System NES. Chase H.Q. (チェイスH.Q., "Chase Headquarters") is a arcade racing game, released by H.Q. (known in Japan as Super H.Q. Criminal Chaser) for the Super NES. The game is similar to the Game Boy's Taito Chase H.Q. (). Publisher: Taito Platform: NES Released in JP: December 8, Taito Chase H.Q. (NES)walioelectronic.com A well-known cheat to access the level select.

Chase H.Q. is a arcade racing game, released by Taito. It is a spiritual successor of Taito's Full Throttle. The player assumes the role of a police. Chase H.Q. is a racing arcade game that was released by Taito Corporation in ; it runs upon the company's Z-System hardware and was. VGMuseum, bringing you videogame endings in static form since the 's.