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Marmousi data

Index of /data/bppublic/PUBLIC_2D_DATASETS/Marmousi. Name Last modified Size Description · Parent Directory - May K. Marmousi Model. Trevor Irons. Data Type: Synthetic 2D acoustic model. Source: Institut Français du Pétrole. Location: Marmousi model and data set. The data by Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP) have been re-formatted for internal use by Vaclav Bucha & Ludek Klimes during.

Versteeg, Roelof (). "The Marmousi experience: Velocity model determination on a synthetic complex data set". The Leading Edge 13 (9). The Marmousi synthetic data set (Bourgeois et al., ) was first released as a blind It is a complex acoustic 2-D data set based on the geology of the Cuanza . Anisotropic Marmousi Data set. Summary: I use the acoustic wave equation for transversely isotropic media with vertical symmetry axis (VTI media), to generate .

The Marmousi data set was generated at the Institute Francais du Petrole (IFP), and was used for the workshop on practical aspects of seismic data inversion at. produce a complex seismic data which requiere advanced processing techniques to obtain a correct earth image. The Marmousi dataset was. PDF | On May 28, , A. Brougois and others published Marmousi, model and data. The inversion of seismic reflection data collected across a laterally complex synthetic data set (Marmousi model) to investigate its applicability under “ideal.