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URKUND offers a a fully-automated system for handling the problem with plagiarism. Our system automatically checks submitted work for plagiarism which . Overview URKUND offers a fully-automated system for handling plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to the copying of someone else's material and using it as if it were. 4 Nov - 1 min - Uploaded by URKUND com Plagiarism detection service URKUND explained in 90 seconds.

The page explains what information you find in the similarity report which is the result from the plagiarism analysis in Urkund and how to understand the. Urkund. What is plagiarism? plagiarize, v. to take and use as one's own (the thoughts, writings, or inventions of another person); to copy (literary work or ideas ). What is it? Urkund is a plagiarism detection system. It compares student work to other documents, both ones that have been uploaded to Urkund before and.

Students send their documents by email to the professor's Urkund address. Urkund helps you identify the digital sources that have been used without proper .