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Walio Electronic is a project integrated by enthusiasts of the technology, was born in 2014 as an online store specialized in daily consumer electronic products. From our website, you will find from smartphones, tablets to devices for the care of plants and animals, from drones to gaming items. A great variety of products to make life easier, simple and fun.

We are located in Madrid with own store, so all orders are processed, prepared and shipped from Spain. We can offer you total guarantee and security in the shipping in addition to a great speed, the best valued by our customers. In addition, after receiving our product, if you have any doubt or problem with your purchase, you can contact with our customer service.

Our objective is to bring the best and latest technology from the world to our customers, to keep our customers from worrying about quality and after-sales service.

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Why choose us

We would like you to have a great experience when place your order in our store. That is why, from the search for new products that we can offer in our catalog, to after-sales support, we seek the satisfaction offering to those who trust us.

Happy Customers Say

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- John Smith - Social Media Strategist