Ashx file causing problem in firefox download

Ashx file causing problem in firefox

Add walioelectronic.comtType. in your this code and ur error will resolved if (attachmentEntity!= null) {;. Files always download as "" instead of the file name and . the same problem, where the cause of the problem is described. Xactimate uses aspx files. . If you rename the downloaded file with extension, will it open properly in Adobe . This solved my problem.

My research tells me that ashx files have to do with Framework. .. I verify that the problem is caused by the update. I became aware. 22 replies; 21 have this problem; views; Last reply by Ajay Kumar Jogawath 4 In the last couple of weeks I cannot open PDF files in Firefox. . Note: This will cause you to lose any Extensions and some Preferences. It works perfectly on IE but it is not working on Firefox. links to this cache entry, and I can see that the corresponding cache file does not exist.

I have been able to open files on this family history research site in the past with Java but all of a sudden nothing will open. Previously: I would. I'm having issues files downloaded / saved and keeping the This issue has been going on FOR YEARS in Firefox on Windoze AND Macs. ASHX). Everything work fine in IE, but problem occur on Firefox or Opera . It seems be caused by the uri of https://localhost/ ASPX file to PDF, HTML, JPG, or some other file format. Sometimes the cause of this problem is a browser or plug-in related, so you might For example, if you' re using Internet Explorer, try switching to Chrome or Firefox.