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Teenage girl Yuna lives on a minor island of Okinawa in Southern Japan. Her island has little technology, no high school and no alternatives to tending to the. Working from his own on-location research, Yasuhiro Yoshida has scripted and filmed a drama, “Tabidachi no Shima Uta — Jugo no Haru. Tabidachi no Shima Uta. (Redirected from Jugo No Haru ~Tabidachi No Uta) Redirect page. #REDIRECT Leaving on the 15th Spring. Retrieved from.

Profile. Movie: Leaving on the 15th Spring; Romaji: Tabidachi no Shima Uta - 15 Go Haru; Japanese: 旅立ちの島唄 十五の春; Director: Yasuhiro Yoshida; Writer. Tabidachi no shima uta - 15 ho haru (Leaving on the 15th Spring). Unrated,1 hr. 54 min. Art House & International, Drama; Directed By: Yasuhiro Yoshida. Tabidachi no shima uta - 15 ho haru (Leaving on the 15th Spring) Quotes. No quotes approved yet for Tabidachi no shima uta - 15 ho haru (Leaving on the 15th.

あらすじ. 南大東島に住む仲里優奈は14歳の中学2年生。父はさとうきび農家を営み、 母は兄や姉が進学するときに那覇に渡ったままなぜか戻ってこない。家族は既に壊れ. The trailer has been released for the upcoming Japanese movie called " Tabidachi no Shima Uta." The movie will be released to Okinawa in. Nomination Detail. Yuna lives on a remote Ryukyu Island in Japan, dividing her time between studies and tending the home for her father, a stoic sugar cane.