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Zookeeper inspector

Get ZooKeeper source: cd /opt git clone walioelectronic.com cd / opt/zookeeper ant. Build ZooKeeper Inspector. zzhang5 Merge pull request #1 from JamesDong/patch-1 . checkin improved zooinspector. Timestamp and session id in more readable format in node metadata viewer. ZooInspector (that's bundled with ZooKeeper ) doesn't seem to be able to connect to a running ZooKeeper instance on Windows.

Apache ZooKeeper is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source server ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information. zookeeperjar walioelectronic.compector; Once the ZooInspector started enter URL of the Zookeeper that you want to inspect. walioelectronic.com walioelectronic.comtion. walioelectronic.com walioelectronic.comtion.

package walioelectronic.comr;. import walioelectronic.com BufferedReader;. import walioelectronic.comedWriter;. import walioelectronic.com;. import walioelectronic.com FileReader;. limitations under the License. */. package walioelectronic.com nodeviewer;. import walioelectronic.comLayout;. import walioelectronic.comEvent;. package walioelectronic.com;. import walioelectronic.com4j. Logger;. /**. * Provides a {@link Logger} for use across the entire application. *. */ .